• Project “PROAKTIVA co-funded by Ministry of Economy- Macedonia, period  of implementation  to march 2018
  • Work as LP on the project “ FEMETERPRISE -Fostering the creation of social enterprises by strengthening the entrepreneurial potential of young women“,   project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Programme , period  of implementation 17.10.2016-18.01.2018
  • Work as volunteers on:
  • Rural development network of the R.Macedonia realized from National rural parlament as a voice of rural citizens.
  • Creation of strategy for NGO with Business sector and Platform, realized from ALBIZ
  • ,,Balkan Women Coalition for professional Qualification and Training in the field of Business and Economic Science,,
  • The project Balkan Women Coalition for professional Qualification and Training in the field of Business and Economic Science,,(B-WCo) is developed between 8 countries from the Balkan region and it is based on the longstanding cooperation and work between the participation organization on their common aim for supporting the Women Business Qualification and competitiveness in the labour market .The main idea of the project is establishment of a coalition between organizations and NGO’s from the countries in the Balkan region-Greece, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. This new coalition will work on the development of the common training contents or concepts, the integration of skills needs of the labour market into VET and the Reinforcing links between education and working life.
  • ,,Women Entrepreneurship ,,-A job creation Engine for SEE
  • The project aims at supporting women entrepreneurs in South East European countries who intended to expand and/or innovate their activities and who are put at risk by the current economic and financial crisis.
    The project emphasizes that women’s entrepreneurship could play a significant role in reviving economic growth and job creation.
    The activities of the project are designed to respond to main difficulties and constraints and foster women’s entrepreneurial and innovative potential.
  • Part of SEECEL’s project,, Women Entrepreneurship-a job creation engine for South East Europe ,, that is financially supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA),in accordance with agreement signed between SIDA and Regional Cooperation Council(RCC) and between RCC and SEECEL. Subsequently, SEECEL undertook to carry out relevant activities under its own responsibility in compliance with relevant regulations of European Commission ,SIDA and RCC.
  • Within the project several activities are essential for female entrepreneurship were implemented:
    Establishing a Platform for strengthening women entrepreneurship .We have signed Memorandum of the Platform for strengthening women entrepreneurship
    A Survey which helped analyse the perception regarding the challenges, the
    positive sides and main obstacles to starting your own business
  • Worked as a partner organization on:,,We build bridges of gender equality,, funded by General Secretariat of the Government of Republic of Macedonia. With this project Unikum-Kos has participated as a partner organization of the Association of SOS from Kumanovo which assess what is the impact of social change in the consciousness of women with regard to their social and family role of finding alternatives to involment of women in terms of gender equality in the region of Kumanovo and Staro Nagorichane.
  • Membership:
    Member of Association of Business Woman of Skopje(a member of the World Women’s Organization